I’m sorry to report that I no longer teach physical workshops. My poor eyesight (lack of peripheral vision) prevents me from driving, but it also makes it very difficult for me to manage a classroom environment. Fortunately, I have created two DVDs and a book that thoroughly and clearly present what I teach. I guarantee these products will help you. They are all best sellers and have helped a lot of people.

If you are interested in more personal, one-on-one teaching, I offer a mentoring program as well. Click the links below for all the details. THANK YOU.


HERE is the link to my mentoring program

HERE is a link to the book, “Limited Palette Unlimited Color”

HERE is a link to the DVD, “Create Unlimited Color with a Limited Palette”

HERE is a link to the DVD,  “Limited Palette Landscapes”

HERE is a link to the DVD/book combo 

HERE is the link for both DVDs and the book combo

HERE is the link to my latest DVD, “Painting Values and Color”