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…from my easel to your door.


I am pleased to announce my latest works…eight paintings created specifically for two important gallery shows, and ultimately destined to add beauty and grace to someone’s home. Will that home be yours? All paintings are beautifully framed. Molding and gold-leaf finishes have been selected to perfectly complement each piece.

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Abend Gallery (Denver, CO) – 303-355-0950

23rd Annual Holiday Miniatures Show – 7-28 December 2013

"Mountain Passage" - 5.88"x 9.5" - Oil

“Mountain Passage” – 5.88″x 9.5″ – Oil

The drive through southwestern Switzerland on beautiful well-marked roads was filled with shock and awe…well OK, just the awe part. As one would expect, the scenery is beyond words. Why drive? One ends up stopping every few feet while exclaiming, “Wow, I gotta get a picture of this!”

"Hillside Farm" - 6.5"x 7.68" - Oil

“Hillside Farm” – 6.5″x 7.68″ – Oil

The open, peaceful, country landscape, farmed and inhabited by man always stirs my soul, and therefore is always motivation for a painting.

"Mountain Village" - 7.88"x 8.33" - Oil

“Mountain Village” – 7.88″x 8.33″ – Oil

The area around Gstaad, Switzerland in the southwestern part of the country is one of the most popular destinations of the so-called international jet set.


Those that have seen my paintings, and others that have collected them, are generous in their praise. I am honored and thankful. Maybe you share their feelings about the work. Following are some pretty typical comments received on a regular basis.

“Your work is so inspiring…Just love your paintings. The simple ordinary things have a quiet greatness and are very relaxing to view.”  (Judith Alden)

“The atmosphere in your paintings is simply delicious/wonderful stuff.” (Olivia Schemanski)

“I have seen your beautiful artwork and it moved me in a way that has never happened before. Truly God inspired strokes of genius. They seem like real places, invoking a strong visceral emotion.” (Al Bishop)

“I love your work. I find it has the perfect balance between Impressionism and Realism. I like the little details. You do glorious work…and I don’t say that very often, some might say, I rarely say it.” (Cindy Marrazzo)

“So many feelings, emotions, and memories are awakened when I look at your paintings.” (Dyanne Gardiner)

“Your work is so beautiful. I just saw one of your paintings for the first time, and I love the way you create a world so lovely that one wants to step into the painting and live there.” (Jessie Maring)

“The versatility of your paintings is so natural in look and feel. I think I could just enter and begin a nature walk. The shading and light contrasts in your compositions are so life like. I think that must be the most difficult thing to achieve…a totally natural look and feel in art…to create a mood.” (Charisse, Jabberwook Inn)


American Legacy Gallery (Kansas City, MO) – 816-444-7944

An American Panorama – 6-28 December 2013

"Buffalo River National Park - Arkansas" - 10"x 8" - Oil

“Buffalo River National Park – Arkansas” – 10″x 8″ – Oil

The 150 mile long river, located in northern Arkansas, was the first designated National River in the United States. I had a great painting trip to this site several years ago with artist friends: Malcolm Hughes, Jeff Legg, and Ed Pointer.

"The Old North Church - Boston" - 10"x 8" - Oil

“The Old North Church – Boston” – 10″x 8″ – Oil

Boston is at the heart of America’s struggle for independence. This church is the oldest standing church in Boston and contains a bust of George Washington…said to be a very accurate (possibly the most accurate) representation of our first president. It’s from this location that lanterns were hung in the steeple for a very short time, warning the militia of British troop movements. One lantern was to notify Charlestown that the British Army would march over Boston Neck and the Great Bridge, while two lanterns notified them that troops were taking boats across the Charles River. Hence the famous saying, “One if by land, and two if by sea”.

"Pinnacle Overlook - Cumberland Gap National Park" - 10"x 8" - Oil

“Pinnacle Overlook – Cumberland Gap National Park” – 10″x 8″ – Oil

After a 1.6 mile climb to an elevation of 2400 feet, one is stopped in their tracks by one of the most spectacular vistas in the park. Directly below the overlook is the town of Cumberland Gap and to the northwest is Middlesboro, Kentucky.

"The Jones House (1881), Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve" - 13.5"x 9" - Oil

“The Jones House (1881), Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve” – 13.5″x 9″ – Oil

One of the attractive features of the 11000 acre preserve is this magnificent house, built by Steven and Louisa Jones. It was enjoyable spending part of an afternoon developing the drawing of this complicated structure directly on the canvas with brush and paint.

"Limestone Barn - Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve" - 8"x 14" - Oil

“Limestone Barn – Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve” – 8″x 14″ – Oil

The limestone barn is the prominent structure on the preserve. It’s massive and impressive. The drawing and value massing was done on site, but as I analyzed the painting back in the studio, a decision was made to darken the sky, thereby increasing the drama.

I ask that you please consider one or more of these paintings for your home. As the testimonials suggest above, you won’t be disappointed. If I can help expedite your purchase, please let me know…


John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master
To view his work and bio, please click HERE




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