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I am very pleased to have just completed the videotaping of my second art instruction video This one’s about color and is a worthy companion to my first DVD, Limited Palette Landscapes; both together are a pretty good compilation of what was taught in my workshops for many years.

Teaching the benefits of using a limited palette  (Photo by Scot Young)

Teaching the benefits of using a limited palette  (Photo by Scot Young)


Videotaped in Austin, TX by the super talented and experienced, Scot Young, I feel confident that I clearly explained the how and why behind my use a limited palette. All the teaching is supported with lots of visuals. Viewers of this video will be inspired and motivated to apply the principles taught because the benefits of doing so are so obvious. Also included are six painting demonstrations, all using three primary colors. You’ll learn the major divisions of the color wheel and how to choose the appropriate palette for your painting based on those divisions. I think you’ll be amazed at what’s possible while using a very limited palette, and as I’ve said many times, if the principles I teach are applied, your work will be transformed…guaranteed.

Step 2…the editing.

But there’s more, I’m currently working on an accompanying book that Eric Rhoads, CEO of Streamline Publishing…when he saw the material…called “Monumental”.

Stay tuned. As this story unfolds, I’ll keep you posted.


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