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I’m honored to be back for my second year with PleinAir Live…a virtual online global plein air event, 15-17 April 2021.

As many of you know, Streamline Publishing has produced two DVDs and a best selling book for me that focuses on color and the benefits of using a limited palette of just three primaries. During PleinAir Live 2020, I provided a helpful demonstration showing just how to select those three primaries.

This year’s presentation is directed toward beginners…and what a presentation it’s going to be. I offer plenty of helpful tips that will enable a beginning/intermediate artist to simplify their artistic life, enabling them to grow as artists more quickly. Finally, I conclude with a paint mixing demonstration that clearly contributes to the overall theme of “Keeping It Simple”.

I invite you to come join me. To register, please use this link:

Thank You.

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I’m pleased to offer both of my instructional videos and book as a complete set for the first time. They may also be purchased individually. All are best sellers and include everything I’ve taught in my workshops. You can now take my oil painting workshop right in the comfort of your home, and for a lot less money than physically being present. (Click image to learn more)

For those that have purchased the book, I invite you to join our new Facebook Group – “Limited Palette Unlimited Color”. If you qualify, I hope you’ll join us. Check us out on Facebook. HERE is the link.


Want to take your painting to the next level? I can help. Click HERE to learn about my critique/mentoring programs.


John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Living Master. To view his art and bio, please click HERE.


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