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What can I say? While attending the opening reception of the Outdoor Painters Society Plein Air Southwest Salon 2013, held at Southwest Gallery in Dallas, I learned one of my paintings was selected “Best of Show”.

Honored, shocked and delighted are words that come to mind. Honored because of the overall quality of the show, and because of the great respect I have for the judge, George Strickland. Shocked because it’s a first for this show and I totally didn’t think I had a chance. Delighted because of all the kind words received from others…and of course, the prize money, free magazine ad, and painting sales that resulted. It was a pretty special evening and one that doesn’t come around nearly as often as I’d like.

Celebrating its seventh year, Plein Air Southwest Salon has become one of the premier events of the Spring. The Outdoor Painters Society sponsors the event to promote an appreciation for the process of painting “en plein air”, which is French for “in open air”. Most works are completed in a single painting session, painted outdoors on location and are characterized by the bold use of color, design,and freshness of paint application.

Opening night, Plein Air Southwest Salon 2013, Southwest Gallery

Plein Air Southwest Salon’s are juried competitions. Participants selected for the show are carefully chosen by a jury panel. Award winners for this year’s show were selected by George Strickland. His works are regularly featured in the most distinguished invitational shows, and he has earned numerous prestigious awards throughout his career, including Gold and Silver Medals and Artists’ Choice awards. He is a Signature Member and past president of the Plein Air Painters of America, a member of the Northwest Rendezvous, and the California Art Club.

Artist’s signatures were covered before judging began, and from what I hear, Mr. Strickland took his job very seriously, studying each painting thoroughly…just the way it should be done. As artists, we put a lot of effort into our works, it’s nice to have a judge that does the same. So, a big thanks to George Strickland.

“Left Behind” actually began as a larger painting but was cut down to improve the composition. Painted in one six-hour session, on-site, few refinements were needed back in the studio. Originally titled “Beside a Fallen Giant”, the new title popped into my mind while laying in bed two nights before the show…better expressing the story I felt while creating the piece.

Special thanks to Southwest Gallery for hosting the show, and to all the sponsors for supporting this event. 

…and here are the other award winners:

John Pototschnik – Left Behind – 9.75″x 15″ – Oil
Best of Show, Southwest Art magazine awards
Catherine Elliott – Sanctuary – 16″x 20″ – Oil
Plein Air magazine Award of Excellence 
Ted Clemens – Red Window – 10″x 18″ – Oil
SourceTek Award of Excellence
Kathleen Dunphy – Ready to Roll – 12″x 16″ – Oil
Fine Art Studio On-line Award of Excellence
Jason Sacran – After Dark – 9″x 12″ – Oil
Blick Art Materials Award of Excellence

Kaye Franklin – Mexican Petunia – 10″x 10″ – Oil
Utrecht Award of Excellence

Bob Beck – The Big White House – 11″x 14″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Wind River Arts Award

Robert Rohm – Cliff Shadows – 12″x 16″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Raymar Art Award

Fran Ellisor – Terlingua – 12″x 16″ – Oil
Honorable Mention

Janis Krendick – Connemara Preserve – 8″x 10″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Judson”s Art Outfitters Award

Laurel Daniel – Summer Morning – 9″x 12″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Asel Art Award

Lee MacLeod – Eucalyptus Grove – 12″x 16″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Airfloat Systems, Inc Award

Peggy Kingsbury – Aspen Shadows – 11″x 14″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Jack Richeson & Co. Award

Joshua Been – Cactus Dance – 18″x 12″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Jack Richeson & Co. Award

Rusty Jones – Palo Duro Overlook – 12″x 16″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Gamblin Award
Judy Crowe – King Williams Court – 11″x 14″ – Oil
Honorable Mention – Gamblin Award

Not Shown:
Lawrence Rudolech – Old Lancaster – Fredericksburg Art School Award

Tom Lockhart – Remains on the Back Road – Honorable Mention

John Cook – 11″x 14″ – Quick Draw – Artist’s Choice Award

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