Morning Surprise

John Pototschnik Fine Art Studio

Just about two miles from me is this cute little place. We seldom enjoy snow in this area of Texas (NE of Dallas), so when it does snow I’m out taking photos. When I began my fine art career in 1982, I did quite a bit of traveling looking for subjects of interest. Many were found right around me, for this area was virtually undeveloped in 1980. Parker Road, which runs in front of this place was just a narrow two-laner. The day I took this photo I was standing in the middle of the road…not a car in sight. Now, the two lanes have become four, and this house is barely visible because the four-lane road passing by is elevated to almost the roof line of the house. Obviously, these people love their little place and were not willing to sell. The 60s Chevy was there at the time of the photo; the man shoveling snow was added to tell the story.


10.25" x 16.12"