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It’s my third art instruction DVD. In this DVD I teach and demonstrate the benefits of separating the values of a painting from its color. This technique will greatly enhance the paintings of artists who struggle with value and color…and that’s many of you. When I speak of values, I’m referring to every shade of gray from white to black. Control and manipulation of values sets the mood for every painting created. Values establish the mood, color enhances it. In this DVD you’ll discover my entire painting process. Following its teaching will revolutionize your work. I promise. (Click image for all the details)


And here’s what people are saying…

***John Pototschnik’s, Painting Values and Color, will propel your paintings to a whole new level. His explanation of creating the values and color in your paintings is thorough and clear, and his genuine personality and teaching style makes this an enjoyable learning experience. I also appreciate all of the other valuable tips John offers throughout the lesson, one of which was the leveling of your easel! I highly recommend this video and look forward to future instruction from John. (Ashley Phillips)

***I’m so glad I got this video. It has helped me immensely to learn how to paint from a limited palette. I love it and my paintings have improved dramatically. This artist tells so much in his video. I paid close attention and used his technique to make several new oil paintings. He’s right. By using a limited palette the whole painting harmonizes together. I used to be a color junkie, but no more. John Pototschnik is my favorite artist. I’ve had many lessons from many different artists and in my opinion, he is the best. (Marylu Wellwood)

***I’m a big fan of John Pototschnik’s use of a limited palette as he teaches in “Limited Palette, Unlimited Color!” It’s a very powerful technique, and I believe is the best way to learn color theory. Once color mixing with just the three primaries is thoroughly understood, the artist has a very powerful tool at his/her disposal.

With this video, “Painting Values and Color”, John carries this concept a step further by showing us how to establish the mood of a painting with a monochromatic underpainting which is then enhanced by adding color. One thing that surprised me when learning this technique is that the monochrome painting can be the final product. On the values and mood are clearly established, as little or as much color can be added as desired. Another very powerful technique.

I’ve seen other artists do monochromatic underpaintings using only three or four values. John’s approach is to clearly establish a complete value structure so that the underpainting resembles a black and white photograph! This is a terrific approach which I like very much! We’ve all heard the saying. “Color gets all the credit, but value does all the work”. This video fully shows what that really means! Not only did I learn a lot from both of John’s videos, I think it is already revolutionizing my painting! Outstanding teaching! (Michael Strickland)

***John never disappoints! In addition to being an incredible artist, John is a fantastic teacher. I can say without reservation that Limited Palette, Unlimited Color was life changing in terms of my painting. “Painting Values and Color” is another invaluable resource that has increased my understanding and will improve my paintings. Keep the hits coming, John! And, thanks. (Alan Bloom)

***John is an outstanding teacher. Very clear and easy to listen to. Good for both beginners and advanced painters. He has the heart of a teacher and life long beautiful painting skills. (Barbara Wagner)

Order your copy today and see what all these folks are raving about. You too won’t be disappointed.


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