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As a young boy in the 1950’s, I was fascinated with, actually loved, trains, planes, automobiles and auto racing. Every September I eagerly anticipated the release of new models from each manufacturer. I kept records of the most popular cars and models; I could name them all by brand, model, and year. When the Ford Edsel came out, I was so excited when my Dad took the family out for a test drive in one. Of course, in my exuberance, I wanted him to buy it; fortunately, he was more sensible.

Many hours were spent drawing and building plastic models of planes and cars, I had shelves of them…even entered them in competitions at a local hobby shop. Those days were pretty special, and it’s those memories, that fascination with all types of powerful people movers that informs some of my work even to this day.

The following video depicts some of the paintings I’ve done that feature these transports.


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I am pleased to announce that the Art Renewal Center’s Board of Judges, after reviewing my current work, has changed my affiliation from Associate Living Master (ARCALM) to Living Master (ARCLM). I am truly honored¬† to be listed among such great contemporary artists. You may read about it HERE.


John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Living Master
To view his art and bio, please click HERE


His work may be found in the following fine galleries:
Abend Gallery
Illume Gallery of Fine Art
Southwest Gallery
Wylie Art Gallery


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