Painting in the Tallgrass Prairie

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At certain times of the year, the prairie of tough big bluestem grass appears as an endless sea of fully alive dancers gliding across the floor in wave after wave of beautifully orchestrated graceful motion, driven on by the music of the wind.

I’ve painted in the Flint Hills several times. I’ve set up the easel in the middle of a dirt road and painted in absolute solitude all day. I’ve stood on a hilltop while being trashed by the wind, all the while trying to keep the easel and painting from being tossed to the ground. Once while painting in this wilderness with only the sound of bugs, birds, and wind, I was thrilled and shaken when, out of nowhere, two low flying military jets streaked by and out of sight in a flash leaving in their wake the unmistakable sonic boom.

John Pototschnik  –  Road to Somewhere  –  16″x 27″  –  Oil

In a wonderful April 2007 National Geographic article, titled “Tallgrass Prairie Preserve”, author Verlyn Klinkenborg writes…”When you climb to the highest hill and stand into the wind that’s trying to pry your ears apart, what do you see? Open sky, open land, unending horizon, and the limitless and lonesome prairie. But the word that also springs to mind may be “nothing”…a glorious nothing, but nothing nonetheless”.

John Pototschnik  –  Flint Hills Country  –  12″x 24″  –  Oil

The Flint Hills and Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, encompassing millions of acres, is home of the last great swath of tallgrass prairie in the United States. It is very difficult to paint well.
American Legacy Gallery in Kansas City, Mo is hosting “Painters of the Prairie” through the month of November. The featured artist is Robert Sudlow. My work is exhibited along with the works of Kim Casebeer, Mark Flickinger, Hugh Green and Phil Starke. I hope you’ll stop by.

“Just how the prairie speaks to you depends on who you are. Some will find it full of nothing or full, at best, of cattle fodder and copious views”…Verlyn Klinkenborg
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I was recently interviewed by John Hulsey for “The Artist’s Road”. 
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