Overcoming creative slumps

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All creative people experience it. It is a fact that one’s creative juices can ebb and flow. It’s not pleasant when they ebb, particularly when you make your living being creative. I’ve experienced a few slumps in my day, and another while I write this. I know people are surprised to learn such a thing is even possible with someone they consider to be an accomplished painter. But it’s true and is certainly not uncommon among creative professionals. That is itself an important point. It’s not uncommon, so it’s a truth that first needs to be recognized, and then accepted.

The outlook is bleak, the vision is unclear, and the imagination blurred in the midst of a slump.

I recently contributed an article on the subject of overcoming these creative slumps for the PleinAir Today Newsletter. Have you experienced periods of creative emptiness? We’d love to hear about it. You may access the complete article HERE.

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