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It’s been a long time, 10 months to be exact, but there is some satisfaction in being able to sign my name to this painting and declare it “done”. Yes, I said “some satisfaction”. Having this work in the studio for so many months, and the completion of it always nagging at my mind, the word “Done” is spoken somewhat reservedly because questions and self-doubt plagued me throughout. The size of the painting and the length of time taken to complete it contributed to this sense of uncertainity.

The painting did not take 10 months of continuous work, but it was always there, leaning up against a wall or peering at me from around a corner, seldom disclosing what needed to be done next.

I have documented the progress of this painting from start to finish in a series of YouTube videos that you may access HERE. I go into some detail explaining the thought process behind the work, color selection, palette, and preliminary work. The video below is Part 5, and the final in the series.

The painting is being set aside for my solo show, to be hosted by Southwest Gallery in Dallas, in May of 2017.

Reference photo

Reference photo

Preliminary Study - "Land of Abundance" - 7.5" x 15" - Oil

Preliminary Study – “Land of Abundance” – 7.5″ x 15″ – Oil


You will notice ¬†significant changes were made from the photo reference to the preliminary study, and from the study to the final version. Enlarging the study to the 35″ x 65″ version presented another whole set of challenges. Changes were made to buildings, foreground, tree color, and placement of Amish horse and buggy.

I hope you enjoy the video series.




John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master
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