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In order to provide a common site for all those that have purchased my book, “Limited Palette Unlimited Color”, a Facebook Group has been formed. Amanda Lovett and I are administrators of the group. Amanda was a tremendous help in designing and preparing the book for printing. She also has embraced the teaching in her own work and is now teaching others. We also welcome, Robin Adkins, Amanda’s sister. Although Robin is not a painter, she is a great writer. She edited the book for me, so its indeed appropriate for her to continue her association with us.


Practice color mixing on the clear acrylic palette provided with the book. Lay directly on the book image, use the palette of colors indicated and match what you see.


The mission of the Limited Palette Unlimited Color group 

1 – To give those that are using the book, and applying its lessons,  a place to show the work you’ve done that has been inspired by the book’s teaching.

2 – For those not yet actively using the book, we hope, when seeing the enthusiasm and work of others, that you’ll be encouraged to actively apply the teachings of the book to your work.

3 – To stimulate and motivate each member to seriously try using a limited palette of three primaries and discover its benefits.

4 – To share the things you’ve learned and encourage others to persevere even when discouraged.

5 – To offer helpful suggestions when needed.


Here’s the work of two of our members, Garry Kravit and Priscilla Patterson.  Garry is in the process of apply every color scheme demonstrated in the book to his own subject. Priscilla, a watercolorist, is busy experimenting with an interesting set of primaries. How inspirational is this?

Garry Kravit

Priscilla Patterson


If you have purchased the book and feel the “Limited Palette Unlimited Color” Facebook Group is something you’d like to be a part of, I invite you to join us.

HERE is the link.

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