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I’m very pleased to announce a partnership with artists Tim Breaux and Andy Thomas in the formation of a new gallery…the American Heritage Art Gallery. It’s a fine art experience suitable for our time. In a culture dominated by chaos, we offer high quality representational art that depicts America’s heritage and the wholesome vision that made her great. We believe quality representational art not only stirs and uplifts the soul but can be a good investment as well. (Click images to enlarge and access gallery website)

As professional artists we share our vision of the America we all love and cherish. We stand upon three important pillars: 1) Legacy: We represent timeless artworks that honor the traditions, narratives, and contributions of the past and present. Our artists also look to the contributions of other artists to inform the legacy they want to leave. 2) Truth: We propose that there is truth that is absolute. We serve as a platform for thought-provoking and authentic artworks that reflect honesty, integrity, and a commitment to exploring the realities, experiences, and emotions that shape our world. 3) Vision: We seek to reintroduce collectors to the vision of the great American experiment, a project that still holds promise. We uphold a traditionalist vision for America, honoring and showcasing artworks that pay homage to the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditional artistic values. By preserving and promoting classical techniques and narratives, the gallery fosters an appreciation for time-honored craftsmanship, connecting past and present.

The Artists

We invite you to enter the world of “America the Beautiful” created for you by our select group of artists. The American Heritage Art Gallery intends that each of its member artists will provide you with great content weekly from which we know you’ll benefit. Come join us. In just three weeks we have already gained quite a following. Becoming a subscriber, and supporter of the gallery is simple, just click HERE  to complete the form. We have some really good things planned, don’t miss out, we’d love you to participate with us on this exciting journey.

Thanking you in advance for joining us and please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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