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It was one year ago that I went to Austin, TX to film two art instruction videos. This is the first release. In this DVD I teach and demonstrate the benefits of separating the values of a painting from its color. This technique will greatly enhance the paintings of artists who struggle with value and color…and that’s many of you. When I speak of values, I’m referring to every shade of gray from white to black. Control and manipulation of values sets the mood for every painting created.


Values determine the mood of a painting, color enhances it.



Here’s what PaintTube Art Instruction by Streamline says regarding this video.

“Inside Painting Values & Color by John Pototschnik will uncover the seemingly “backward” approach that many artists overlook: It’s not just about color, it’s about value. Once you’ve seen John Pototschnik’s comprehensive demonstration of this concept, you’ll have clarity on how to create stronger and emotionally impactful paintings — no matter the medium, scene, or subject!

“In this enlightening course, John is going to guide you through the process of creating a monochromatic value underpainting using acrylics (though you can use oil if you prefer). He’ll show you how to establish the mood through value alone, and then how to enhance the mood even further using color.”

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The second video filmed a year ago demonstrates how I create various moods (Sun, Fog, Winter, Night) using the same palette and reference material. This video is scheduled to be released in late 2024 or early 2025..

Many of you have been asking when my next video will be coming out, well, that time is now. I request you purchase today in order to receive a pre-release price…only good until September 14th.  THANK YOU.

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