He came once, He’s coming again

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Many may be surprised by the title of this blog post, after all, it’s Christmas and this title doesn’t seem very Christmas-e-e does it? But then, what’s really important; is it all the delights of the Christmas season, or, the monumental, world changing event that occurred all those years ago?

We easily embrace the idea of a cute little baby being born in a stable on a cold, snowy night, surrounded by His earthly parents, animals, shepherds, and visiting wise men from the East, but we kinda like to just leave it there. We love the gifts, all the Christmas goodies, the Christmas tree and ornaments, Santa Claus, family get togethers, and the wonderful music. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them! Likewise, it’s easy to accept the baby but not so easy to accept the man…the God of creation, who came in the flesh to redeem man from his desperate, doomed condition.

He came the first time as a sacrificial lamb, taking upon Himself the sin of man, offering total forgiveness of all sin, past, present, and future to those that believe in, and place their trust in Him. These, He declares forgiven, righteous and inheritors of eternal life, not as a result of any good deeds on our part, but solely by trusting the One that declares: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

The first time He came as Savior, the second time He will come as Judge. It’s important we not ignore the full meaning of the first coming because the second coming will be either wonderful or terrifying. It all depends whether He remains a baby in the stable, or our Savior.

Have a blessed Christmas, my friends.



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