God bless America

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“God bless America.” Really? You must be kidding.

I’m personally tired of hearing it, actually repulsed when hearing it spoken by American leaders that could care less what God thinks or says.

It is an appealing phrase that tends to suck people in who actually do care about such things. These wishful thinkers want to believe that the one uttering the phrase might possibly be a Christian…or at least lean that way. Well, not so fast my friends. It is very tempting to be deceived by these smooth, clever talkers. The holy Scriptures say that a nation is exalted by righteousness, that sin is a disgrace to any people. When a nation that has had the truth and has been greatly blessed by it, discards it as worthless, useless trash, than that nation is in deep do-do.

A nation gets the leadership it deserves. The leaders are a reflection of the people. I don’t mean by that every individual, but rather the nation as a whole. So today when we invoke the blessing of God upon our nation, we are basically asking God to bless us in spite of our total disregard of Him and His revealed word. “Give us what we want when we want it so we can continue doing what we desire”, is what we’re really saying. But to bow before Him in humility and repentance confessing our many sins and asking for forgiveness and healing for our nation…well, forget that.

The world is in turmoil…a spiritual battle between good and evil. America is in a spiritual battle. There is an ongoing massive turning away from biblical truth. What once gave our nation a stable foundation has now been replaced by an unstable “truth”…one in which man decides what is true. Of course, when that happens, “truth” becomes fluid. It can be whatever we decide it is…and that’s very shaky ground indeed, the effects of which are easily seen today. ¬†Because The Truth has been generally rejected in America, the country has come under a strong delusion. Sadly, many in our dear country seem perfectly content with that.

The great radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, understood this decades ago. Apart from our own sinful natures, he understood that the one behind all the evil in the world is called the Father of Lies. He has come to kill, steal, and destroy, and right now our country is giving him plenty of opportunity to do just that.

My belief is, unless there is a spiritual revival, a sincere turning to the God of the Bible, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this nation will continue its downward spiral. Right now we are experiencing the repercussions of our sinfulness as we’ve been listening more to the Prince of Darkness than to the Prince of Peace. If we really want God to bless America…well, the answer is right there in the Bible…2016 would be a great time to read it.




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