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After many years as a professional fine artist, more than 30 years to be exact, I have finally agreed to my first solo show. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. This is my first MAJOR solo show. I have participated in several one-man shows in which I exhibited a few works , but nothing like this. I am really pleased that Southwest Gallery in Dallas has asked to host this show for me. It’s going to be a major exhibit featuring 30 paintings…the most paintings of mine in one place at any time during my career.

A confluence of many things coming together at the right time in my life makes this possible. Although offered major solo shows before, I turned them all down because I didn’t want the responsibility that inherently comes with a solo show…success being pretty much on my shoulders. Added to that was a considerable amount of uncertainty as to how the work would be received, and the number of resulting sales that could be expected.  Also, if the gallery hosting the show did not prosper, I would feel terrible.

Secondly, I have not always been in a position to hold back work for six months to a year, and finally, the venue was never sufficient for a major show of this type; either the location of the gallery was not the best, or the client list was not sufficient to justify such a commitment.

All that has changed.

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Below is a short video describing in more detail the upcoming show.


I invite each of you to attend the show opening on May 9th, from 1-5 PM. I would love to meet you. If you are unable to attend the opening, you’ll still be able to enjoy the show through the month of June. I hope you’ll come to see what’s been created for this special occasion.


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John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master
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