Finishing up (Part 5)

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This is the final installment of a five-part monochromatic painting demonstration. The purpose of the series is to show one of the preliminary steps I typically take as preparation, before creating a larger work in color.

As I have said many times, creating a monochromatic study is extremely helpful when attempting to establish the value structure of a painting. These studies force us to concentrate solely on value without needing to deal with the additional complexities of color. The ability to create a solid monochromatic painting is one of those important and necessary steps that will be of great benefit when creating a compelling painting using color.

In Part One I laid the foundation for the series; I showed the brushes, paint, and surface used…and, explained the importance of this method of working, at least for me.

If you missed the series, or would like to go back and review it, HERE is the link.

This is the reference photo used, taken many years ago when in Sintra, Portugal.

This is the reference photo used, taken many years ago when in Sintra, Portugal.


“Finishing Up” – (Part 5), is all about adding those final touches…the little details. Now that I’m away from it, I can see a few additional things that could still be improved. They are small details however, that I won’t bother you with, for they have no relevance to the overall structure. I do like the central telephone pole of the photo, and debated about its placement and use. You’ll see in this video how that was resolved.


This photo shows the wonderful town of Sintra, Portuagal. However, it does not give a true sense of the steepness of its winding streets.


Here’s a more suitable picture of the completed study.

"Sintra" - 4.5"  6" - Oil on paper

“Sintra” – 4.5″ 6″ – Oil on paper



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