Celebrating One Year

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One year ago this new adventure of writing a weekly blog began. I have come to greatly admire those who are able to write and post something sensible and worthwhile every day. 
The process, as they say, is much like eating an elephant. It can be done, but only one bite at a time…and, it’s not too bad…but a bite a week is like a Thanksgiving Day meal for me.
So, 54 postings later, I want to share with you some things I classify as favorites… posted over the past year…not in any particular order, except for the first one.
Just click on the date and title below each picture and it will take you to the appropriate blog.

The First and the Last, The Son of God , Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ, Creator of the universe, only Redeemer of  mankind, Bread of Life, the Way, Truth, and Life, King of Kings, Lord of Lords
23 April ’11 – “Humiliation, Sacrifice, Resurrection”
Favorite president
20 Nov ’11 – “Thanksgiving 2011”
Favorite workshop hosts
18 Apr ’11 – “Workshop: Value and Color”
Favorite deceased landscape painter
23 Jan ’11 – “Corot: Later Landscapes”
Favorite plein air painting group
9 Oct ’11 – “Plein Air Painting in the Flint Hills” 
Favorite patriotic painting I’ve done
15 Nov ’10 – “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”
Favorite special friend who passed on to glory this year
7 Jan ’11 – “Don Adair”
Favorite sport
26 Sep ’11 – “Outdoor Painting”
Favorite automotive designers
17 Jul ’11 – “The Amazing Italians”
Favorite food
25 Mar ’11 – “Cornish Pasties”
Favorite award won in past year
5 Nov ’10 – “A March School Day”
Favorite magazine ad of 2011
5 Feb ’11 – “Art Show”

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