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It was in 1972 that I began my professional art career. Previous to that, I had spent four years in El Segundo, CA as an Air Force officer while attending the Art Center College in Pasadena for night classes. Upon discharge from the Air Force in June of 1972, I headed to Dallas with the dream of becoming a freelance illustrator. Spending several months putting a portfolio together I then hit the streets. Over the next several months, 137 ad agencies, art directors, designers, and large businesses were approached. I invested in a direct mail campaign to all these folks and slowly work began coming in which eventually led to a 10-year career.

At age 37, I left the illustration field and moved into the fine arts. Thinking the transition would be seamless, I was in for a real shock. Galleries were saying the work was too illustrative; drastic changes were needed. What I thought would be a seamless transition turned into seven years of hard work trying to build a new career. I began painting on location, entering as many art shows and festivals as I could, getting involved in local art organizations, and writing/printing a monthly newsletter. One thing I had enough sense to do was to paint lots of small paintings, less than 8 x 10. This proved a great way to grow quickly, and, because the works were so affordable, a collector base began to be established.

And now, after 40 years as a fine artist, I look back with gratitude for being able to do this, thankful to all those that have invested in my career, thankful for all the experiences, friendships, and travels to places I would never have otherwise seen. Above all, thank you to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for seeing my family and I through all of it…and hopefully, still more to come.

To celebrate my November birthday, all these years as an artist…particularly 40-years as a professional fine artist…here are some paintings I have in my collection that are offered to you at a 40% discount If any of these interest you, please let me know. The price includes free shipping and state state sales tax, where applicable. Because of the costs involved, and this special one-time discount, this offer is made only to United States residents.

These prices are only good through 30 November 2022.

You may click the images for more details and to purchase, or you may contact me directly to purchase by personal check. Just let me know, now’s your chance to own one of my paintings at a great price…

THANK YOU. Come celebrate with me.


“County Road 384, Wylie, Texas” – 9.75″ x 14.5″ – Oil – $2675. (Now: $1605.)

“Tuscany Series-2″ – 8″ x 16” – Oil (Unframed) – $1450. (Now $870.)

“Loropetalum” (Plein Air) – 8″ x 14.5″ – Oil (Unframed) – $1350. (Now $810)

“Misty Morning” (Plein Air) – 8.5″ x 13.5″ – Oil (Unframed) –  (SOLD)

“A New Season” (Plein Air) – 8″ x 10″ – Oil (Unframed) – $1125. (Now $675.)

“Hill Country Cabin” (Plein Air) – 8.75″ x 5.38″ – Oil – $975. (Now $585.)

“Contemplation” (From Life) – 7″ x 5″ – Oil – $750. (Now $450.)

“The Culvert-2″ – 5″ x 6.5” – Oil – $400. (Now $240.)


If you’ve ever wanted one of my paintings, now’s the time.

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