Art quiz

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Just how knowledgeable are you when it comes to identifying the work of famous artists? » Read More

The Naturalists

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The Naturalism movement swept through Europe and lasted for only a brief 20 years. It began in France in the late 1870′s and by the early 1890′s was already in decline. The godfather of the movement was » Read More


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I first heard the term “Naturalism” in 1987 when Southwest Art did an article about my work. There was an » Read More

Kara Lysandra Ross interview (Part 2)

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Kara Lysandra Ross is the Director of Operations for the Art Renewal Center (ARC). This important organization is playing a leading role as mouthpiece for the realist movement. Criticized and ridiculed for decades, realism is experiencing a dramatic resurgence. ARC has not only » Read More