Artist Interviews

Jimmy Dyer interview

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Although Jimmy Dyer is widely known for his paintings of the American West, he is an artist capable of » Read More

Cindy Baron interview

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In July of 2013, I asked a group of women artists if they noticed any significant differences in the way male and female artists are accepted within the American art scene. » Read More

Bill Davidson interview

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Bill Davidson was recently a featured guest on the Artists Helping Artists program, the #1 Art Show on Blogtalk Radio, hosted by Leslie Saeta. » Read More

John Porter Lasater IV interview

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“Art is a trifle. I think I can take it too seriously. It will soon be lost in time. I don’t mean the artists are a trifle. What we are doing is of great importance. It’s the art itself that » Read More

Jill Carver interview

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“I think the strongest paintings are the ones that have the simplest ideas behind them. It’s very easy to be » Read More

David Griffin interview

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“At one time I was convinced that unless I somehow was able to find my voice “a look”, then I would in fact be lost in the midst of all the visual noise.” » Read More