I’m very pleased to announce the release of my video,  Create Unlimited Color with a Limited Palette, and it’s accompanying workbook, Limited Palette, Unlimited Color. Almost a year in the making, the workbook, along with the video, are uniquely designed to help those struggling with mixing color and achieving color harmony. The book  covers the subject of color in a very clear, practical and concise way, in fact, it’s the very material taught in my workshops for many years. What the book explains in great detail, the video demonstrates visually. I guarantee, if the principles taught in the book are applied, you will see a tremendous improvement in the color and color harmony of your paintings.

The heart of the book features 46 paintings divided into seven major divisions of the color wheel: Complements, Equilateral Triads, Isosceles Triads, Square Quadratics, Rectangular Quadratics, Extended Analogous, and Primary Dominant. Each painting was created using the same three primary colors, plus white. In addition, the subject, composition, and basic value structure of the paintings are the same, the only thing that changes is the color scheme. This is what makes this workbook special and unique.

The 96-page spiral bound workbook is just that, it is a workbook designed to be used in the studio, not to be read once and put on a shelf. It teaches not only the benefits of using a simple three-primary color palette, but also:

The structure and divisions of the color wheel

* How to mix color and create your own color wheels

* How to select the appropriate colors for your palette

* How to mix beautiful, clean color every time

* How to achieve color harmony…and much, much more

Practice color mixing on a piece of clear acetate laid directly on a selected image.

Practice color mixing on a piece of clear acrylic laid directly on a selected image.

Included with each book are Projects specifically designed to reinforce what is taught. Also, I’ve included a thick piece of crystal clear acrylic that can be laid over any of the 46 paintings. Using the palette selection shown on each page, learn how I mixed each color; apply your mixes directly to the acrylic. It will be a powerful learning experience.

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