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Just how knowledgeable are you when it comes to identifying the work of famous artists?

Southwest Gallery in Dallas hosted a really nice event last weekend…its Annual Summer Art Festival. Eighteen gallery artists were invited to participate in the event, meet with the public, and demonstrate how we work.

Gallery Director, Melissa Butler, pulled a fast one on us this year as she created a fun challenge for all the participating artists…Pictionary.

To our surprise, each artist upon arriving, was asked to draw one slip of paper from a box that contained the name of a famous deceased artist. Our job was to create a painting that faithfully represented that artist’s work. The gallery provided 12”x 12” canvases for each of us.

It was a challenging task. The public was invited to participate in the fun by casting their vote for whom they believed each artist was imitating. The vote was not totally blind however since a list of the selected deceased artists was posted by each voting box.

Upon conclusion of the weekend voting, a winning name was drawn from each voting box, and the winner was awarded the painting.

Here’s the list of deceased artists from which we created our works. Can you match up each guest artist with the name of the artist they depicted? Answers are at the end of this post. No peaking now. (Due to my inattention, the Ricks piece and my piece have a cast shadow across the image. I hope you don’t find that too distracting. Sorry.)

1 – Salvador Dali

2 – Pablo Picasso

3 – Paul Cezanne

4 – Marc Chagall

5 – Vincent Van Gogh

6 – Paul Gauguin

7 – Gustav Klimt

8 – Wassily Kandinsky

9 – Claude Monet

10 – Andy Warhol

11 – Mark Rothko

12 – Henri Matisse

13 – Jackson Pollock

14 – Jasper Johns

15 – Joan Miro

16 – Amedeo Modigliani

17 – Leroy Neiman

18 – Erte

A - Paul Walden

a – Paul Walden

b - Bernard Vetter

b – Bernard Vetter

c - Mark Whitmarsh

c – Mark Whitmarsh

d - Robert Fobear

d – Robert Fobear

e - John Cook

e – John Cook

f - John Pototschnik

f – John Pototschnik

g - Rusty Jones

g – Rusty Jones

h - Tony Bass

h – Tony Bass

i - Marty Ricks

i – Marty Ricks

j - Tom Dorr

j – Tom Dorr

k - Lynwood Bennett

k – Lynwood Bennett

l - Allison Cantrell

l – Allison Cantrell

l - Trish Biddle

m – Trish Biddle

n - Ann Hardy

n – Ann Hardy

o - Kay Walton

o – Kay Walton

p - Alexander Selytin

p – Alexander Selytin

q - George Kovach

q – George Kovach

r - Clinton Broyles

r – Clinton Broyles


Was that fun or what? I hope you’ll share how you did with us.

And now for the answers…

a-6,   b-14,   c-9,   d-15,   e-10,   f-4,   g-17,   h-7,   i-16,   j-5,   k-8,   l-13,   m-1,   n-12,   o-3,   p-2,   q-11,   r-18

John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master
To view his art and bio, please click HERE




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