Adding details (Part 4)

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As we approach the end of this 5-part monochromatic painting demonstration, I hope you have come to realize the importance of establishing a clear value structure in your paintings. Color alone will not carry a painting; one must first have a clear and workable understanding of value (the light to dark value shapes within a painting). By the way, these value shapes should not all be of the same proportion, in other words, there should not be an equal amount of darks, middle tones, and lights. Unity with diversity is a great way to think about drawing, painting, sculpture…et al.

In this video, now that the overall value structure of this small painting has been established, details within the established value shapes begin to be added. You will notice in a couple of areas that I adjust the established value. I think you’ll agree with the changes. It’s important to stay flexible and allow the painting to tell you what it needs in such cases.  I hope you enjoy Part-4. Next week we’ll wrap it up with some important final touches.

If you’ve missed the previous three videos in this series, you may access them HERE.



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John Pototschnik is an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master
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