A real-ism dem-un-stration coming soon

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I’m pleased once again to be on the faculty of Realism Live. I think 2022 makes it my third or fourth time. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn from a group of superb artists. What exactly is Realism Live 2022? It’s three days of premium instruction in figure, portrait, landscape, still life, flowers, plein air and more…all online…demonstrations and teaching you can review over and over again. I have a very special and unique demonstration planned. You won’t want to miss it.


To learn more, please use the link HERE. After learning about this exciting event and deciding to sign up, please go ahead and click that “Hold a seat for me” button. If you will do that, I will receive a little compensation…and of course, I’d be very grateful to you for that. Also, let me know if you sign up using this link so I can acknowledge you.


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