2012 ARC Salon selects winners

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Well, 2100 entries, 800 participants, and six categories later, my painting “Winter’s Dance” was awarded

Third Place (Landscape Division) in the 2011-2012 Art Renewal Center 8th Annual Salon. Two other paintings were named ‘Finalists’. 

I really am honored to receive this award because I know quite well just how difficult it is to even be named a ‘Finalist’ in this tough international competition.
Winter’s Dance  –  30″x 40″  –  Oil  (Third Place, Landscape)
Fred Ross, founder of ARC said, “The quality as a whole and the sheer number of highly skilled, creative, and original works submitted was staggering. I was particularly pleased with the landscape entries this year,which as a category has taken an enormous step up in quality, and was along with figurative, the most difficult category to judge”.
Cornish Promontory  –  30″x 24″  –  Oil  (Finalist, Landscape)
The Art Renewal Center is the largest on-line museum in the world, over 80000 images of the greatest works of art ever produced by over 7100 artists can be seen in high-resolution. I strongly encourage you to visit and support this incredible resource.
Field Tracks  –  27″x 24″  –  Oil  (Finalist, Landscape)
Why enter art competitions?
  • Art is judged by one’s peers
  • Personal satisfaction of attaining a goal. For some the goal is just summing up the courage to enter, for others the goal is to win ‘Best of Show’
  • It’s a means of measuring one’s skill level relative to others, and judging progress
  • It can be a reality check highlighting one’s abilities or deficiencies
  • Exposure to a broader audience
  • Opportunity to win prizes
  • Can lead to other positive, career advancing opportunities
  • Success can lead to further success
  • Forces artist to think seriously and professionally about their work
  • Encourages artist to work harder, study more, and improve quality of work
  • Can add to the credibility and value of one’s work
  • Doesn’t really matter much with most art collectors
  • They can increase one’s discouragement, and feelings of rejection and failure
  • Acceptance or rejection is based only on the opinion of one to four jurors
  • Is not, probably will not be a game changer
  • Costly
  • Submit only what you consider your very best work 
  • Submit only a professional quality reproduction of your entry. Absolutely essential 
  • Everyone gets rejected at some point. Count on it. Don’t let it get you down. Move on.  Use the opportunity to question how your work can be improved
  • Learn from others. Be gracious to others who had more success than you
Top award winners by category
(Best of Show)  –  Thomas Reis  –  Amelie  –  19″x 12″  –  Oil
(Best Portrait)  –  Albert Ramos Cortes  –  The Man I Loved  –  30″x 24″  –  Oil
(William Bouguereau Award)  –  David Gluck  –  The Trapper  –  30″x 24″  –  Oil
(Best Trompe l’oeil)  –  Joel Carson Jones  –  More Than You Can Chew  –  24″x 20″  –  Oil


(First Place, Still life)  –  Nancy Guzik  –  Spring Teacups  –  30″x 24″  –  Oil
(First Place, Landscape)  –  Denise LaRue Mahlke  –  Living Waters  –  30″x 24″  –  Pastel
(First Place, Animals)  –  Julie Bell  –  The Order of the Wolves  –  18″x 24″  –  Oil
(First Place, Drawing)  –  Roger Long  –  Justin’s Muse  –  24.5″x 8.75″  –  Charcoal/white chalk
(First Place, Sculpture)  –  Alicia Ponzio  –  The Lingering Shadows  –  12″x 28″x 24″  –  Stained plaster
(First Place, Figurative)  –  Orley Ypon  –  Resurrection  –  72″x 48″  –  Oil


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