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Independence Day 2012. Really?

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Two hundred and forty-six years ago on July 2, 1776, Congress of the United Colonies adopted a resolution of political independence, meaning that the 13 colonies believed they had a right to be free and independent States…absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown. » Read More

Andy Thomas Interview

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I first met Andy Thomas more than 20 years ago while participating in the Midwest Gathering of the Artists Show in Carthage, MO. His talent was obvious, so to see his career explode » Read More

City Scenes – Our Town and Other Places

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Color Mixes for Grandpa, Why...
Those of us who have had children and now have grandchildren are quite familiar with the question, “Why?”

Most parents remember these seemingly never ending questions: Why is the sky blue? Why do elephants have trunks? Why is the snow white? Why does it thunder? Why is that policeman pulling us over, Daddy? Why can’t we go to McDonald’s? Why do I have to go to school? Why can’t I stick my finger in the light socket? Why can’t I wear my camouflage cloths to church? Why can’t I go home now?” The questions just keep coming. Sometimes we’d » Read More

Reality Sets In

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“Approved” art of the last 100 years proves destructive
When I was in college in the 1960′s, having decided to become an artist, there was a distinguishable antagonism and snobbery, from those » Read More

Denise LaRue Mahlke Interview

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I first met Denise several years ago in Arkansas where I was teaching a workshop. She didn’t need to be there, but it’s a testament to her desire to always learn and grow as an artist that put her in the class. She was good then, but

San Gimignano

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San Gimignano Overlook - el

28 May 2007: Italy…..At 1:30 PM we left for the small, medieval hilltop town of San Gimignano. The walled town is located between Siena and Florence, in the province of Siena in Tuscany, and is known for its many towers. There were originally 72 towers, built by wealthy families to show off their wealth and influence in the area. » Read More

John McCartin Interview

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“I see my role as an artist, to convey to the viewer what I see and perhaps what I feel, and in so doing, stir the heart and » Read More

30th Anniversary Show

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The 30th Anniversary Show currently on view at the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, TX is spectacular. The show » Read More

Art Journey America: Landscapes

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Only In America
FW Media’s North Light Books has just released a new book, Art Journey America: Landscapes. I was one of 89 landscape painters invited to participate. Only in America was selected to be represented in this beautiful, nicely designed book. » Read More